Signor Baffo - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Dates Playing: 02/08/2018 - 27/08/2018

Venue: The Principal

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Signor Baffo’s Restaurant – Edinburgh Fringe debut for children’s comedy show


There’s chaos in the kitchen when Signor Baffo’s left in charge! All the answers to the most important questions of the day are revealed in some charming culinary chaos… What's the best way to mix meatballs with spaghetti? How do you make a chicken lay an egg? And how exactly does a sausage roll? In this supremely silly show, expect generous helpings of fun, mischief and adventure. Signor Baffo’s Restaurant is lauded by children everywhere as a show that can ‘blow your head off’ (Kai, aged 7). All tickets include a pancake with cream or jam for the kids, tea/coffee for the adults, and giggles all round.


Signor Baffo's Restaurant runs 2-27 August at ITI’s Edinburgh Fringe hub, v119 – The Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel. An interactive treat for children 3+ and their families.


‘A must-see show’ Child Friendly Brighton

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